7:30AM MST  Ryan Anderson, Legalizing same-sex marriage is one of the hot issues of our time.  Ryan Anderson & Sheriff Girgis, co-authors of What is Marriage? make a great case for defending traditional marriage. ....
(Washington, DC) When the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was passed in 1996, only 31 percent of Americans approved of same-sex marriage, and not one state allowed it. Today, 51 percent approve of it, and -- and thanks to this year’s election -- it’s now legal in nine states and the District of Columbia.Can this trend be reversed? Absolutely -- but it will take more than political action. Defenders of traditional marriage must make an airtight case for their position, grounded in reason and capable of changing minds.ROBERT P. GEORGE, SHERIF GIRGIS and RYAN T. ANDERSON do just that in their new book What is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense. They show why marriage has an objective core, fixed by our nature as the union of man and woman, and ordered to procreation and the fostering of family life. They dispel the notion that children of same-sex marriages fare just as well as those reared by opposite-sex parents. They refute the claim that opposition to gay marriage is rooted in the kind of bigotry that motivated opposition to interracial marriages.

8:07AM MST: Dr. Margaret Cochran, says ""Life is a Process of Becoming,
But it is not Always a Becoming Process!" Dr. Cochran is a transpersonal psychologist, licensed clinical social worker, educator and author with more than 30 years of clinical experience. She is most often described by her patients as tough, compassionate and smart. She has a provocative message on her answering machine: " Who are you, what do you want and how and when can you be reached? If you know the answer to these seemingly simple questions, be joyful, because most of us spend our whole lives working on the answers." She takes a prismatic approach to therapy saying “I see things as a whole and acknowledge the intricate value of the parts therein. In our culture, we tend to value the rational and linear ways of exploring and thinking about the world above all else. But our senses need not be limited to just perceiving the three dimensional, corporeal world. Science has shown that everything is made of energy which we receive and interpret at various levels and to varying degrees.” Treating the Person, not the Diagnosis

"Anything That Powerfully Affects The Body, Powerfully Affects The Mind,
And Anything That Powerfully Affects the Mind, Powerfully Affects The Body"

Dr. Cochran works with her partner, board certified family physician David J. Waggoner, MD, at Saratoga Family Health Center. She stands out for a number of reasons, primarily because she takes a 'whole person' approach. Prior to recommending any treatment modality, she requires a complete lab work up on the patient and looks for the root cause of the presenting problem. She asserts that “For each person there’s a 'secret' healing formula. I am not interested in addressing people's problems with preconceived notions. I am interested in discovering and honoring each individual's particular personal 'magic'. I use a systems perspective and work to consider the person in the context of their lives, rather than in isolation.”