~~FOR MOTHER'S DAY - by Tim Bryce~~

*  Mother's spit has cured scratches, bruises and fixed millions of projects.

*  Mothers sleep with their eyes half-open (they never stop worrying).

*  Mothers dispense vitamin pills daily for their offspring, even when they've grown into adults.

*  Mothers are always the last to sit down at the dinner table.

*  The best ingredient in a meal prepared by a mother is her heart.

*  Mothers always warn, "Be careful or you'll put your eye out."

*  Mothers know where you hide things.

*  Mothers keep your school work and anything you made for them when you were a child.

*  Mothers know if you have been naughty or nice, not Santa.

*  Mothers usually accept less so their children can have more.

*  Mothers may not agree with you, but they will always listen.

*  No matter how old you are, mothers smile at you as you leave home, but weep after you have left.

Have I forgotten anything?

Happy Mothers Day!

Keep the Faith!